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Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection Report

Wood Destroying OrganismWood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection Report is known as termite report which written inspection report on home  for accessible and visible damage or a infestation of wood destroying organisms. In Florida, usually subterranean or dry wood termites, but will also cover wood destroying beetles and wood destroying fungi.If you are looking for pest control company in St. Augustine to perform termite inspection , make sure you choose the right one.

WDO Report, a wood destroying organism report, so a lot of people call it a pest inspection and it’s always misidentified because we don’t actually look for general pests, just wood destroying pests. Wood destroying pests, that’s like wood burrowing beetles, you’ve got the termites. You know I’ve heard there are two different kinds of termites. Right. Which one’s worst? Is it the subterranean, is that what it’s called? The subterranean and the drywood termites, actually subterranean because they live in the soil and they return to the soil for moisture and then they come back into the structure and eat the cellulose, so they just go back and forth.

The subterranean typically do the most damage just because their colonies are large. They have a mommy making lots of babies all of the time. Half a million bugs per colony. They look like flying ants. They have more soldiers working and able to do the damage work around the clock.

The drywood termite, the colonies are smaller, but being that they don’t return to the soil they are more difficult to kill. Typically when you see a tent or fumigation go onto a house it’s either for the drywood termite or possible the powderpost beetle. What type of things do you find in your wood destroying organisms inspection?

In that report, we identify anything that compromises the wood portion of the structure. Then we classify things as a section 1 item or a section 2 item. Now is section 1 stuff that we’ve got to fix today and section 2 stuff is things that are going to need to be fixed later. The definition of the section 1 is that there is an active infestation or infection, so an infestation would be of wood destroying insects.

Termites, beetles, like I said we don’t look for the ants and rodents and things like that. That’s why the pest inspection probably not a good way to refer it to.

A section 2 condition is a condition that’s something that’s going to lead to an issue. A section 2 item would be more of general maintenance to help prevent future problems. Like the soft wood underneath the sink and things? Correct. You know a section 2, like say if you have a plumbing leak you’d want to address that plumbing leak so it would not create more problems.




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